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Parking Lot Resurfacing Services in St. Louis, Missouri

Boost Your Business

A lot of effort goes into maintaining the appearance of your workplace. From fresh paint to updated advertisements, every little detail helps establish your company as a reputable business. However, you should not forget about your asphalt pavement. Getting an even and smooth parking lot will increase your curb appeal and boost your company’s validity.

Our Restorative Work


Potholes and buckling in your asphalt can be more than just unsightly. If severe enough, they can cause damage to vehicles. Without restorative services, these issues will only continue to get worse. Get reliable repair work and ensure that your pavement is always smooth and safe.


Your asphalt surfaces endure a lot of traffic and wear. From vehicles to the weather, they are under constant strain. As a result of this, potholes and large cracks will begin to develop over time. With a quick patch job, we will keep your pavement durable and level.


If your parking lot has faded to a dull gray and has cracks running through, it may be time to resurface it. This process will restore the look and feel of your asphalt and will return it back to a stunning midnight black.


Have you noticed that your property does not have proper drainage? A potential cause of this issue could be that excess asphalt is inhibiting water flow. We offer extensive removal and replacement services to keep your building safe from moisture damage.

Your Go-To Team

Are you ready to get your property the dependable asphalt services it needs? Metro Paving Company has a team of specialists who will work hard to ensure that your pavement is perfectly maintained. Whether you require an efficient repair job or comprehensive resurfacing work, we provide everything you need to restore your commercial property.