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Residential Asphalt Services in St. Louis, Missouri

The Best Foundation

A lot of effort goes into constructing a new residential property. While attention is generally focused on the design and framing of the building, thought must also be put into the surrounding components. Getting durable, long-lasting asphalt for your project is imperative. We will ensure that your home has a solid foundation with our paving services.



While the builder lays out most commercial construction jobs, residential projects are often designed by the asphalt contractor. This is where our years of experience come into play. Our team of experts will draft a floor plan that will provide you with a superior layout design.


Excavations require thorough and careful work. The general residential specifications for a driveway is a 6-inch rock base and a 2-inch asphalt surface. We maintain a rigorous attention to detail to ensure that your property is excavated to industry standards.


A strong base is vital when it comes to asphalt paving. Shifting and warping driveways are often sign that a paving project did not have a solid subgrade or aggregate base. Our team provides comprehensive work to give your home a firm foundation.


Does your home need more parking space? We offer expansions that seamlessly blend in with your existing asphalt. Our crew will extend or widen your driveway without damaging your existing property.

Our Trusted Team

At Metro Paving Company, we have spent over 56 years providing superior asphalt services for St. Louis, Missouri, and the surrounding counties. We work efficiently and thoroughly to ensure that you enjoy your new residential construction as soon as possible. Whether you need an extensive excavation or a dependable driveway expansion, we have the team to get the job done right.